Rollover Truck Accidents can have Devastating Results

California has more tractor-trailer accidents than any other state in the country. The sheer size and weight of commercial trucks – as much as 80,000 pounds – makes them especially dangerous. If such a vehicle loses control, especially at high speeds, the results are often devastating.


Most drivers know that SUVs and personal trucks – due to their relatively high center of gravity – are more prone to rollovers than lower profile cars. Tractor trailers, however, are even more likely to roll over. Governmental agencies categorize rollover crashes in one of two ways:

  • Tripped crashes in which a vehicle flips when it hits an obstacle, such as a curb, another vehicle, or a road barrier; and
  • Un-tripped crashes in which the momentum of a vehicle combined with other variables, such as loss of traction, unsafe driving, excess speeds, or slippery driving conditions, causes it to flip.

Further, there are several situations that are closely associated with semi rollovers:

  • Taking turns too quickly;
  • Changing lanes too suddenly;
  • Driving at excessive speeds that don’t take driving conditions into account;
  • Hitting a hazard or obstacle;
  • Driving on tires that are damaged or in poor condition;
  • Carrying a poorly distributed load that shifts; and
  • Driving while distracted, fatigued, and/or while impaired.

Devastating Results

In a tractor-trailer rollover accident, the tractor’s trailer falls over onto its side, which can block several lanes of traffic. Such a cataclysmic and sudden obstacle on the road often leads to multiple collisions and can even initiate an ongoing chain reaction that results in multiple separate injuries. When a rollover accident involves spilled cargo, the potential danger grows exponentially.

Big-rig rollovers are disproportionately responsible for highway fatalities. Add to this the fact that semis can rollover even at slow speeds – when driving on sloped roads, when taking tight curves, and when reversing into jack-knifed positions – and safety concerns increase. Deteriorating roadways and ever increasing truck traffic also contribute to the danger. The number of tractor trailers that travel our nation’s roads has nearly doubled in the past fifteen years, and semis continue to haul more cargo than ever before. Truck rollovers and their often-devastating results are likely to continue to increase.

If You’ve Been Injured in a Rollover Truck Crash, Contact a Los Angeles Tractor Trailer Attorney Today

Any accident involving a semitruck is terrifying; when that semi rolls over, the results are often catastrophic. If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a tractor trailer, seek immediate medical attention and then consult with an experienced California truck accident lawyer. Contact the Law Offices of Gary C. Eisenberg, Attorneys at Law. Gary has 30 years of experience successfully supporting the rights of truck-accident victims just like you. We have the skill, expertise, and determination to bring your claim to its optimal conclusion.

To speak with a dedicated truck wreck attorney in Southern California, call our office at 818-591-8058 or contact us online today.

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